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Minnesota trio charged with drug sales in sting

Three men were detained in Minnesota in relation to their alleged involvement in heroin sales on the morning of Aug. 20. Law enforcement executed search warrants on two apartments in the 300 block of Main Street South beginning at 7:15 a.m. on that day. The men, ages 31, 34 and 35, were found inside of the apartments. Police claim that they had obtained information from a confidential informant who had purchased heroin from two of the men days before the search warrants were executed.

According to police, the 31-year-old man initially said that a $50 bill found in his home was his girlfriend's savings towards a new car, but changed his story after he was informed that the bill matched money used by the informant to buy heroin. The man then reportedly admitted to being a drug connection.

Minnesota man sentenced to prison for selling synthetic drugs

A Minnesota man who was accused of selling synthetic drugs was received a 17-and-a-half-year sentence on Aug. 14. According to the report, the man was convicted on 51 charges associated with the selling of synthetic drugs known as "spice," "incense" and "bath salts" in October 2013.

The man was the owner of a shop known as the "Last Place on Earth." However, authorities reportedly shut down the shop after the man had sold synthetic drugs after warning him that his products were illegal in Minnesota. While the convicted man reportedly never denied that he was selling the substances, he did dispute that the products he was selling were illegal.

Man accused of selling meth sentenced to 8 years in prison

A Minnesota man who was convicted on drug-related charges was sentenced to eight years in jail. According to the report, the 46-year-old man was found guilty of several charges that included felony first-degree drug sale and felony weapon possession on Aug. 11 after entering a plea back in July.

Authorities stated that the man conspired with a co-defendant to sell methamphetamine in November 2013. The authorities first took his co-defendant into custody. The co-defendant reportedly led them to the accused man. Agents with a local drug task force executed a search warrant on the man's home, during which they seized approximately 15 grams of methamphetamine, marijuana and 13 firearms, in addition to $900.

Man charged with possession of $453,500 worth of methamphetamine

Minnesota residents may be interested in the story of one out-of-state man who is facing drug charges after a traffic stop. The man is alleged to have been in possession of over $450,000 in methamphetamine.

On Aug. 5, a California man was traveling north on the interstate in Steele County when he was stopped by a Minnesota State Patrol officer. The officer claims that the man was driving 72 mph, acting strangely and had multiple cell phones. Additionally, the officer alleges that the man claimed that the car belonged to a friend, though the man did not give the friend's name. The officer used a canine unit to investigate the vehicle and claims that the dog indicated there were drugs inside. The officer then searched the vehicle, allegedly finding two vessels containing methamphetamine.

Minnesota woman faces drug trafficking charges

A 27-year-old Waseca woman could face a significant amount of prison time if she is convicted on drug charges in connection with an April 7 incident. At the time, she allegedly sold more than seven grams of methamphetamine to an undercover officer. Reports indicate that her suspected supplier was present at the time of the alleged sale, which apparently occurred in a location near three schools. Another drug-related incident reportedly occurred on April 9 when the woman allegedly sold 15 grams of methamphetamine in a public housing area.

In the school zone incident, the supplier was charged and has been sentenced to eight years of prison time for first-and second-degree sale of methamphetamine and another charge of selling methamphetamine in a school zone. The woman, meanwhile, faces various drug trafficking charges in the incidents, including first- and second-degree sale of methamphetamine and third-degree possession of methamphetamine in connection with the public housing incident. The potential prison time for all of these felony charges could be as much as 95 years in addition to fines of nearly $2 million.

4 Minnesotans detained on numerous drug charges

Two Le Sueur residents as well as two other Minnesota residents have been detained on drug charges in the aftermath of a July 17 search of a St. Peter apartment. According to the Minnesota River Valley Task Force agents who performed the search, the four were in the apartment's kitchen when the search was executed; the agents allegedly discovered baggies of a white substance on the kitchen table. According to a related criminal complaint, the white substance later tested positive for methamphetamine.Agents also allegedly found a digital scale and prescription pill bottles on the table.

Further search of the home allegedly turned up various other drugs. Agents claim to have discovered marijuana, amphetamines, psilocybin mushrooms and various prescription pills in the apartment's bedroom. The bedroom also allegedly contained a stash of $4,700 in cash along with what appeared to be paraphernalia for methamphetamine and marijuana smoking.

Man accused of heroin trafficking

On July 31 Minnesota police assisted with apprehending a man on charges of selling heroin in the Duluth-Superior area after he reportedly evaded officers and threw money off the Blatnik Bridge as he drove across it. According to records, the man was out on bail for possession of heroin in the first degree.

According to police, officers identified the 23-year-old in Superior, Wisconsin, at around 10 a.m. while he was sitting in his car. When the officers approached him to execute a warrant for heroin sales, the man took off. He sped around the police cars and drove through a yard, heading toward Blatnik Bridge. When the man got to the base of the Superior side of the bridge, he reportedly threw out an undetermined amount of bank notes.

Minnesota law makes selling synthetic drugs illegal

According to a recently enacted law, synthetic drugs will be classified as illegal, on par with the illicit substances they mimic. This means that people in Minnesota may no longer possess or sell synthetic drugs like K2 and Spice.

Furthermore, the state Pharmacy Board may order purveyors of synthetic drugs to cease selling the substances immediately. Those who continue to sell synthetic drugs may be held legally responsible, meaning that they may be forced to pay restitution for health care costs associated with the use of the drugs.

Minnesota man detained, accused in drug deaths

A Mankato man was detained in Illinois after a nationwide warrant was issued. The 21-year-old was one of four people taken into custody in Mankato in March following the local deaths of a 17-year-old girl and a 22-year-old man.

The man is accused of the sale of a controlled substance in the third degree and murder in the third degree. Police say that they were pointed to the man and three accomplices, including a 15-year-old, after the March 8 death of the teen girl. Her boyfriend admitted to taking a hallucinogen in the 2C family with her before she died. The small, blue bag containing the hallucinogen was found in both homes of the girl and the 22-year-old man, who died on March 5.

Man accused of "Spice" possession reportedly violates bail

A Minnesota man who was charged with a felony for being in possession of a controlled substance was brought back to court on July 15 after he was accused of violating his bail. According to the report, the 53-year-old man was charged after authorities confiscated approximately four pounds of synthetic marijuana, known as "Spice."

The man was originally taken into custody in June. In addition to being accused of being in possession of the controlled substance, investigators claimed that they also were able to confiscate the equipment that was used to produce the synthetic drug, evidence suggesting that he was selling the drug, methamphetamine residue and Adderall pills. He was ultimately charged with fifth-degree felony possession and was released on bail.

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