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Man accused of "Spice" possession reportedly violates bail

A Minnesota man who was charged with a felony for being in possession of a controlled substance was brought back to court on July 15 after he was accused of violating his bail. According to the report, the 53-year-old man was charged after authorities confiscated approximately four pounds of synthetic marijuana, known as "Spice."

The man was originally taken into custody in June. In addition to being accused of being in possession of the controlled substance, investigators claimed that they also were able to confiscate the equipment that was used to produce the synthetic drug, evidence suggesting that he was selling the drug, methamphetamine residue and Adderall pills. He was ultimately charged with fifth-degree felony possession and was released on bail.

21 people arrested for drug crimes after 6-month investigation

On July 16, the CEE-VI Drug and Gang Task Force in Minnesota arrested 21 individuals for drug sales crimes during an ongoing investigation. According to a statement from officials involved in the incident, several more people are expected to be detained for drug trafficking crimes in the near future. The operations was reportedly going on for the past six months and concerned drug sales in and around the city of Willmar.

The accused people were allegedly taking part in the sale of marijuana, synthetic cannabinoid, cocaine, prescription pills and methamphetamine. They have been charged with various felony controlled substance sales crimes. Many of the defendants received fifth-degree drug charges for selling marijuana, and one person was charged for third-degree sale of methamphetamine. Another defendant is facing a second-degree drug sales charge for allegedly selling more than three grams of a controlled substance in a 90-day period.

Minnesota couple accept plea deals in drug case

A married couple living in Grand Rapids entered guilty pleas to numerous drug charges during July 7 hearings in Itasca County District Court. The 38-year-old wife pleaded guilty to fifth degree controlled substance crime, reduced from third degree controlled substance crime, and also pleaded guilty to misdemeanor third degree DWI. Four felony charges against the woman were to be dismissed at sentencing. In accordance with the plea agreement, she will serve five years probation and 45 days in jail.

The woman's 37-year-old husband pleaded guilty to felony third degree sale of controlled substance and misdemeanor fourth-degree DWI while felony charges of first degree controlled substance crime sale and first degree controlled substance crime possession would be dismissed at sentencing. He faces 57 months in prison for the controlled substance conviction and an additional 90 days for the DWI.

Minnesota burn unit accepts patient after vehicle fire

On July 4, a 29-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman were arrested following a conflagration that occurred in their vehicle and burned the man so badly he was sent to a Minnesota burn unit. According to news sources, the Sioux Falls Police answered a call in response to reports of a vehicle fire near the intersection of N. Sycamore Avenue and E. 6th Street. Police say that they eventually discovered the vehicle in question in the vicinity of E. 3rd Street although it is unclear whether this was confirmed as being the same vehicle mentioned in the initial fire reports.

Upon arriving at the vehicle, the authorities encountered the man and woman nearby. Reports state that the responding officers discovered that the driver had allegedly been manufacturing methamphetamine in a single container while operating the automobile. The pair now face multiple criminal charges for producing drugs, even though reports didn't say whether both individuals were actually confirmed as taking part in the operation.

Minnesota parents charged for drugs after daughter goes to police

Two Barnesville parents have been detained in relation to an alleged marijuana growing operation after their 9-year-old daughter reportedly told police that they were growing and smoking marijuana in their home. The girl appeared at the Barnesville police station on June 6 and told an officer that her parents were growing marijuana plants in the crawlspace beneath their home, according to court documents. The girl also reportedly told the police that people had been coming to the house to buy marijuana and that she sometimes felt sick because the house was filled with smoke.

A search of the family's home allegedly turned up marijuana plants and paraphernalia as well as baggies containing what police suspect to be methamphetamine residue. Police claim that both parents admitted to smoking marijuana and that the girl's mother told them that she used marijuana to calm her symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

47-year-old man scheduled for pre-trial hearing

On June 23, a 47-year-old man who was previously convicted of conspiracy to distribute drugs entered a not-guilty plea to the charge of transporting methamphetamine across Minnesota. The drug trafficking charge stems from allegations that the man and two co-defendants planned to transport 43 grams of the drug onto the Red Lake Indian Reservation.

The two co-defendants, ages 18 and 25, also face charges of first-degree conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. On May 23, the trio was taken into custody outside of Bemidji on U.S. Highway 71. If convicted, the charges could carry a prison sentence of up to 30 years along with a $1 million fine.

Minnesota men detained with synthetic cannabinoids

A pair of Minnesota men, aged 53 and 61, have been detained on charges related to the sale and possession of synthetic cannabinoids in the wake of a search warrant executed on one of the men's homes. Police stated that when they served the warrant on June 26, the 61-year-old man refused to go to the ground as ordered and instead approached the officers. He was forced to the ground and taken to jail. A search of his person allegedly revealed a quantity of Adderall.

Upon searching the home, authorities discovered multiple bags of Spice, a synthetic cannabinoid, on a living room table, according to the complaint in the case. The complaint also stated that a further search of the home revealed multiple containers and backpacks containing Spice residue, a tote containing approximately 3.5 pounds of Spice and a pipe that tested positive for methamphetamine. Another occupant of the house allegedly stated that he had purchased Spice from the 53-year-old man; the occupant's girlfriend said she had done the same.

Police detain man on cocaine charges

On June 23, police took a 38-year-old man into custody on drug charges following a traffic stop in Wisconsin. Police claim that the man is a cocaine dealer and allege that he transported drugs from Minnesota to Wisconsin.

Police pulled over the 38-year-old man on Highway 29 in Abbotsford, Wisconsin. Police discovered drug paraphernalia, cocaine and marijuana in the man's car, according to a police report. It was not clear immediately following the event why police made the traffic stop. Nor was it immediately clear if police obtained consent to search the man's vehicle.

Man gets probation for cocaine drug charges

According to court documents, a man charged with three drug felonies was sentenced to probation rather than prison. The 43-year-old had also been convicted previously for selling drugs in Minnesota. He received a prison sentence in 2003 and was released in 2011.

On December 18, 2013, police took the man into custody after he allegedly sold cocaine to an informant. He reportedly had 17.6 grams of the drug in his possession at the time and was charged with three felonies. Later, he pleaded guilty to two of the cocaine charges. A Wisconsin circuit court judge took many factors into consideration before giving the man a suspended prison sentence with five years of probation on June 18. If he violates probation, he supposedly goes to prison for 15 years.

Brothers face felony drug charges for allegedly selling cocaine

On June 13, the Southeast Minnesota Narcotics and Gang Task Force took two brothers into custody for allegedly selling cocaine. The men were detained following more than a month of investigation.

During the investigation, authorities used a confidential informant to purchase 1 gram of cocaine on May 7 from the 38-year-old brother. The informant then allegedly purchased 4.5 grams of cocaine on June 2 at the 35-year-old brother's home. Two more purchases were allegedly made from the older brother on the same day, amounting to 8.1 grams of cocaine for $1,000. A criminal complaint says that 13.6 grams of cocaine was bought for $1,600 during the four purchases.

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