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Four arrested in Minnesota on drug charges

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Readers of our blog may remember a post earlier this month regarding meth labs and their continuing affect on the current drug problem in the state of Minnesota. Though the news story took place in another state, it hit close to home for many who may have witnessed the arrest of drug dealers in their own neighborhoods.

Recently though, residents of Lowry and Starbuck, located in Pope County and Douglas County, were startled when four people in total were arrested for the manufacturing and possessing of illegal substances.

In Lowry, according to the West Central Narcotics Task Force, two men were arrested after the task force agents investigated an alleged methamphetamine lab in a wooded area near Lowry. Police reports say that the both men were seen coming and going from the location which led them to obtaining a search warrant. The police did not mention why they initially suspected the men of illegal drug production or what evidence allowed them to receive the search warrant in the first place.

Another search warrant was obtained and executed the next day in Starbuck where police officers suspected two people of selling marijuana. A 34-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman were arrested after officers found multiple bags of marijuana on the premises. Police claim that they had purchased marijuana from the residence on prior occasions.

The two men in Lowry both face first-degree charges of a controlled substance and for manufacturing methamphetamine. They may also face charges of possession of substances with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine.

As for the couple in Starbuck, they face fifth-degree drug charges.

In neither case did police mention whether the suspects would be facing any prison time or not.

Source: West Central Tribune, "Four arrested after meth lab found in Lowry, marijuana purchased in Starbuck, Minn.," Sept. 14, 2012

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