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Minnesota man pleads guilty to drug charges

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In September of this year, investigators from the Central Minnesota Violent Offender Task Force and agents from the FBI allegedly executed an early-morning search warrant at the residence of a 36-year-old Cold Springs man.

According to police reports, officers discovered what appeared to be several packages of methamphetamine along with a digital scale, packaging materials, as well as two chemicals commonly used to "cut" methamphetamine. After the suspected materials had been seized, officers then arrested the 36-year-old man for drug charges.

This month, in a federal court, the man pled guilty to drug trafficking charges as well as possession of a firearm after making a plea agreement. According to court records, he allegedly admitted to possessing almost 900 grams of methamphetamines with the intent to distribute. He also allegedly admitted to possessing a firearm and is currently residing in the United States illegally.

The man currently faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years with the possibility of the maximum penalty of life in prison. Some legal experts point out that it is possible that he could pay an undetermined amount in fines and forfeitures as well.

If the illegal immigrant allegations are true, the man could face still further problems when it comes to immigration law as well. In some legal experts' opinions, laws within the criminal justice system can change drastically when applied to immigrants and non-immigrants alike. In a situation like this, the man would have been well advised to speak with an attorney that was both well versed in criminal defense as well as immigration law.

Source: WJON.com, "Cold Spring Man Pleads Guilty to Drug Possession in Federal Court," Jim Maurice, Dec. 13, 2012

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